Midwest Infinity Group is a promotional marketing and advertising firm based in the Madison, Wi area.  Servicing clients ranging from satellite television, home entertainment and consumer electronics, Midwest Infinity Group is expanding.  With two management promotions and new offices in 2013 alone, Midwest Infinity Group is going strong into the fourth quarter of the year.
Katia, Midwest Infinity Group’s Manager believes in a firm philosophy of growth and promotion from within the company.  Born in France, Katia spent nine years there and the following nine years in Russia.  When she turned 19 Katia traveled to the United States and has been here since.  Katia obtained her Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration with a double major in Finance and Management.  When Katia graduated she was looking for a company that she could grow within, a fun environment and a chance to utilize her talents and be creative.  Right out of college she was hired for an entry level marketing position which offered her just that.  In less than five months Katia was able to progress in the manager in training program into an upper level executive management position.  Since then Katia has managed several offices in Wisconsin.  “Our manager in training position gives our team the opportunity to advance at their own speed in order to help us fulfill our client’s needs” continues Katia, “I am so fortunate to be able to give others the same opportunity that I was afforded.”
Midwest Infinity Group has promoted 3 managers this year alone and has been able to open offices in Wisconsin and South Illinois.  With their newest location in Madison, Wisconsin, they are excited about their newest promotion in Crystal Lake.  Michelle started with them only four and a half months ago and is now managing the office in Crystal Lake.  When asked about the goals for the fourth quarter in 2013, Katia explained that they are looking to develop two more managers by the end of the year.  Katia explained that her goals are to become a Regional Director of Operations in the company and to travel to Europe since it has been some time since she has been there.  She is hoping to get a chance to see some formula one racing while visiting.